The world of hair is complex. SACHAJUAN helps you choose the correct product for your hair-needs by simplifying, being straight forward and easy to understand. You will find your preference of hair products for hair cleansing and care in our assortment.


Our caring conditioners are often enough for many people. If you have a hair structure that needs more than that, we have created a few treatments that covers the rest of those needs.

Styling & Finish

Our styling products are born out of our experience in session and salon work. The target is to help stylists and everyday users control their style and avoid creating products that take control of you. All regardless if you want maximum hold or maximum flex – or are looking to add shine, volume, or texture.


Your skin needs care and hydration, just like your hair. Our range of body products complement our haircare range with a variety of scents to suit your style.


How could we enrich the experience of travelling or storage of our products at home. Form, with function unified to echo our commitment to beautiful simplicity, in a Beauty Bag.